Because we are committed to organise 100% offline conference and to be prepared for possible COVID restrictions, we scaled down the number of attendees. This allowed us to turn the event to an elite event (instead of mass-event) and, instead of opening a call for papers, use our connections to invite only absolute veterans of the public cloud and public speaking.

We picked what received the highest ranking from you in 2019 – mostly sessions from Architecture & Business track + workshops, and focus the 2022 edition around that.

That’s why we have a single track with rock-solid case-studies & inspirations from the experienced CTOs / lead engineers / strategists / innovators.

And because we realise that if you want to learn anything, 30 minute speech won’t the the trick, we also have at least 6 parallel full-day tracks with technical workshops.

All of that will take place on Sept 28th in Silesian Museum, whether you visit IT conferences to make connections and hear some case-studies or you want to learn some new tool, Cloudyna is the east place to do it.

We really want to organise 100% offline conference, so we have to be prepared for possible COVID restrictions. Previous restrictions were mostly about number of people per square meter. So we scaled down the number of attendees, if anything happens we implement the spaces between us and we don’t have to change anything else.

The conference consists of:

  • single case-study presentations track
  • multiple parallel workshops tracks

Before the event we will reach out to you to ask whether you prefer to attend speeches or workshops (you have to choose one).

No additional charges are required upon choosing whether prevention track or workshops – it all costs the same and is included in your ticket.

The form of the event remains very similar to 2019 edition, there is a breakfast served in the morning, regular coffee breaks and lunch.There will be a VIP section and chillout zone available on the event. 

After-party will take place directly after the event at the conference venue. We’ll provide delicious food options with unlimited drinks.

  1. Don’t worry about ticket rounds, company group purchases use a different buying process.
  2. Either ask a person responsible for buying a ticket to droop us an email ([email protected]) or write an email yourself to let me know who should we contact about starting the buying process.
  3. We issue a proforma invoice for your company.
  4. Once it’s paid, we issue a 100% discount code for them to make the ticket booking on our site. We also issue a VAT invoice.
  5. That’s it! You should receive your ticket from your company by now!
  • Verified and carefully chosen invited speeches / workshops (to ensure the highest merits & quality)
  • one of the best & vibrant conference venues in the region. Post-industrial design, modern & fresh equipment and comfortable spaces (not a cramped hotel room) + opportunity to do some sightseeing
  • best food you can get in the city (breakfast, lunch, dessert, snacks) -including after-party streetfood cocktail party with unlimited drinks
  • unique place to meet all the most important people from the public cloud community in Poland
  • The highest standard of organization -see 2019 edition as an example


All of the above in the lower price range of the IT conferences in Poland.

Ready to get your ticket?