Andrzej Kokociński

CyberSecurity Cloud and Infrastructure Solution Architect, EY

20+ years of experience in network system design and implementation for enterprise corporate, campus and multi-layer networks.
Demonstrated ability to solve complex technical problems.
Deployed multi environment for OS system and monitoring projects in multi-vendor and multi-site.
Successfully migrated OS in live environments.
Ability to create Implementation plans for project deployments.
An experienced engineer, network operating systems, IT trainer, speaker and Leader at Lodz .NET & IT Pro User Group, Leader of Lodz Azure User Group.

09:00 - 17:00


Security in the MultiCloud approach


  • Identity management in Azure
  • Use of security and services to control network traffic
  • Analysis and response to threats using embedded services


The workshop will allow participants to use services to manage network traffic in the cloud environment in terms of security. In the second part, we will focus on using embedded services to secure the Azure environment and more.
The aim of the workshop is to build awareness of what services can be used in the cloud and how to configure them well to protect our environment.