Jarosław Helman

Out of Footprint Director; UPC Polska

Commercial and Sales Executive in B2C and B2B, with strong ability to develop and implement strategy, enhance cross-functional engagement, innovate and grow business.

Experienced in management of large, complex sales and customer service structures, with focus on efficiency, quality and Customer loyalty, incurring omnichannel operations and digital transfrmation for telco, consumer electronics, finance, energy.

Demonstrated leadership in business strategy, sales, customer service, investment deployment and commercialisation, P&L management.

Leader by example, able to grow people and create effective teams focused on strategic objectives and operational excellence. Leader of change in large corporate structures.

10:15 - 10:45


What is the future of the Data Center?

The acquisition of UPC in Poland by Play means the creation of a new tycoon of convergent services - a combination of the largest mobile network operator in the country with UPC's fiber-optic internet and TV offer.

Why should this information interest the participants of one of the oldest cloud computing conferences?

We must not forget that from 2019, 3S Data Center - the owner of 7 data centers and a provider of complete cloud solutions, is an important part of this business.

The topics that our speakers will cover include

  • process of merging these entities
  • how to build solutions based on own products and public clouds for the entire B2B market
  • 3S Data Center development plans in view of the growing popularity of the public cloud,
  • investment in technology partnerships with suppliers such as Veeam