Łukasz Szymik

DevOps Director; co.brick
Many years of professional experience in software development for international companies. Involved in several large-scale enterprise projects. Recently, my main focus is on startups, young companies, amazing people, and making the world a better place.
I am an experienced software developer who combines technical and soft skills.
Key highlights:
- Cloud-native development using Go, Java, Scala and varius hyperscalers.
- Reactive programming, fault-tolerant systems.
- DevOps culture.
- Highly scalable microservice architecture combined with AI.
- Building highly performing teams.
- Very good communication skills.
- Very pragmatic approach.
15:15 - 15:45


Adding low-code no-code capabilities to e-commerce solutions.

How to leverage the existing commerce solution and bring it to the next level by allowing customization of the business processes on the fly without need to be a hacker?