Michal Furmankiewicz

Principal Program Manager, Engineering Lead, Azure Global Growth; Microsoft

I am keen on problem solving and business enablement through technology.
I've spent last 10 years working with various Cloud technologies on the market helping customers to understand the broader concept, build solutions and get the business outcome. I am very goal oriented and passionate about making thing happen including whoever is required to make the job done.

Currently I am focused on Azure global growth with special interest in making #PolandCentral region a success!


Cloudyna Architecture Meetup Meetup 2024-2



Cloudyna Security Meetup 2024-01



Cloudyna Security Meetup 2024-01

Jak bezpiecznie przenieść Bank do chmury, a może od razu dwóch? O bezpiecznym podejściu do planowania architektury środowiska chmurowego u dwóch dostawców.

Będzie o bezpiecznym podejściu do planowania architektury środowiska chmurowego u dwóch dostawców, bezpiecznej Landing Zone w Azure i GCP, współpracy z dostawacami oraz o nieprzewidzianych "niespodziankach", które czają się na każdym rogu.


Cloudyna Security Meetup 2024-01



Meetup MeetUp 2023

So you are a PM on an exciting GenAI project, but have you considered how other areas such as money, security, operations and more can impact your product go-to-market strategy?

17:15 - 17:45


How to become Cloud Architect, CTO, Consultant?

CTO, Architect, Consult... all of those titles sounds like a great position – do all the cool stuff and drive technology adoption forward. Maybe Cloud Consultant is a good choice. They arrive at the site, drop the wisdom and knowledge, and disappear in the puff of the glory. This is the theory presented in the US made movies.
We’ve been there, done that, failed and win at the same time. In this session we will share our lessons learned about growing your career in the cloud technology world.
  • Good, bad and ugly sides of different career choices?
  • Does the cloud provider choice matters … or is it irrelevant?
  • What you will be expected to do at the staff engineering roles?
  • Is a CTO a most wise person on a team (and should it be)?
  • Is the CTO job for everyone? What to do next after being a CTO?
Sharing our combined 40yrs of experience in the technology and cloud we will give you our lessons learned.
The tips. The responsibility. The how-tos on the way there. Skills to learn and un-learn on the way.
Only battle-proven skills, tips and tactics of senior technical roles in the cloud.