Piotr Stapp

Principal SAFe system architect, Cloud Architect; Demant

Developer, engineer, craftsmen, designer and architect.
User of every technology which help making better software. I believe in people not papers.
Adept of DevOps and automation.

14:15 - 14:45


How to become an architect in the cloud? So: Architecture + Cloud + FinOps = <3

I invite you to an interactive session where we will build together (it's not a mistake, your decisions will be key) a cloud solution design from A to Z.
In the room we will become architects, so our decisions for the project will be crucial. We will focus on, among other things:
- What components to use (including: hosting, databases, networking, security, ...)
- Is it more PaaS or IaaS? Or maybe a mix?
- How much will it cost? And most importantly why.
What will we work on? Azure, but if you are from AWS team or GCP team then your decisions will be even more important, because you don't have an opinion.