Przemysław Malak

Serverless & Cloud Native Architect & Developer; Deloitte
  • Manager / Specialist Lead Cloud Engineering at Deloitte
  • Architect and consultant for AWS, Kubernetes, Cloud Native
  • Serverless enthusiast
  • Developer
  • Online trainer and classroom training
  • Over 20 years in IT
9:45 - 10:15


Aggregation of events on the example of one of the largest financial institutions in the world

Using the public cloud means living with events. Utilizing more than a thousand AWS accounts means living with many events.
Decoupled, asynchronous applications and event-driven architectures can produce and consume countless events propagated between accounts and regions.
Besides that, we have the cloud environment, which produces hundreds of additional events we want to take care of. Services like GuardDuty or IAM Access Analyzer can be very "loud".
I will show how to leverage Amazon EventBridge and other cloud-native services to make our life easier.