Tomasz Dudek

Solutions Architect; Chaos Gears

Tomek works as a Solutions Architect at Chaos Gears. He started his career as a Java developer but quickly fell in love with machine learning and cloud technologies. Now he applies his experience in producing relatively clean code to developing AWS infrastructure code. He encourages other developers not to be afraid of the cloud, to start experimenting with it, and to add cloud tools to their technology toolbox.

09:00 - 17:00


SageMaker Immersion Day - AWS ML Platform in action

The workshop shows the entire lifecycle of an AWS cloud-based data science project. After performing feature engineering, you will then train, tune and deploy an ML model. Afterward, you will debug the training process and set up model monitoring. Finally, you will automate and orchestrate the entire process. Note: This is not your usual Data Science 101 course. We will not explain data science fundamentals. We focus solely on the "ML on AWS" part.