Wojciech Barczyński

VP of Engineering; Spacelift

Leading the Engineering at Spacelift. At Spacelift, we build a sophisticated, compliant, and collaborative management platform for Infrastructure-as-a-Code (from Terraform/Terragrunt, AWS Cloudformations to Pulumi). If you need continuously deploy your IaC, open your infrastructure code to the large part of your engineering organisation, and do it in a safe and auditable way, we can help.

11:45 - 12:15


Adding policies to your Golang App with Open Policy Agent

It might feel like chasing a rabbit to keep up with users’ requests for new configurations and policies. It is even more challenging if you build for power users. In the talk, I will show how to use the Open Policy Agent (OPA) for these scenarios, share our experience in Spacelift, and present how to integrate OPA into your Golang application.